Program Overview

Preschool and Childcare Programs

Sunshine and Rainbows programs are planned around the young child’s developmental abilities. Chronological age is used as a guide for placement when other assessment data is not available; however, chronological age is only one of the many factors we consider along with our parents.

Classroom Placement

The center currently operates five classrooms with the following approximate age guidelines:

Infants and Toddlers Pods (6 weeks – 18 months)

Toddlers Cubs (18 months – 2 Years)

Early Preschool Busy Bees (2 – 3 Years)

Preschool Monkeys (3 – 4 Years)

Pre-KindergartenBrown Bears (4 -5 Years)

School Age Kids Big Kids (5 – 12 Years)

In each classroom, it is our goal to create a community where the children develop friendships and a sense of security. As children are growing and changing each month, we adjust and change the curriculum to meet their needs.


Each classroom has rest-time generally beginning at 12:30 PM and ending around 2:30 PM. Some children sleep during this time, others do not. Our day is long, noisy and busy. We find all children benefit from a quiet restful break in the day.